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Ending 15-Year Stalement, Icon Las Olas Is Going Up

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The epic 15 year conflict between Related's planned Icon Las Olas condo tower and the Stranahan House next door, sometimes an epic battle between development and preservation, and other times a simmering cold war while waiting for the economy to recover, is finally over.

According to someone from Related, Icon Las Olas will likely "move forward this year", and they've been working with Stranahan House people to come up with a plan that works for both camps. Of course, the Stranahan-sensitive changes could just be the tip of the iceberg, with 15 year old designs on their hands. (A Curbed reader kindly pointed us towards SkyscraperCity for them) Anything could happen when Related starts to update that enchilada straight out of the '90s.

· Long delayed Las Olas condo tower ready to rise [Sun Sentinel]