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Comparing The Historic & Restored Miami Senior High

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After an extensive historical restoration and expansion (including three new classroom buildings, and a parking garage) the old Miami Senior High School looks like a million bucks, or maybe a million apples on a teacher's desk, or a million extra credit points on a final exam, or a million pencils lined neatly in a row, or a million wads of gum scraped from underneath a classroom desk, or a million detention slips wafting in the breeze... or maybe not. Sorry for going a little overboard with that folks. More, importantly, it looks a lot like it did when the school moved into its current location in 1928.

Anyways, originally designed by Richard Kiehnel of one of Miami's early great architecture firms Kiehnel and Elliott, the restoration/expansion was led by Zyscovich Architects, and although we don't usually mention the contractor, which here was MCM, they sent us these great pictures of Miami High photographed by Richard B. Hoit in 1928 corresponding to present day photos of the same spaces. And for that we thank them. Plus contractors are important.
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