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Brickell's Second SLS Hotel, Styled 'Lux' Will Look Like This

With Related's first SLS Hotel in Brickell thoroughly under construction, they're wasting no time in planning a second 'SLS'-tagged hostelry, this time within the two-three towered Brickell Heights megaproject and co-developed with the Allen Morris Company (yes, that Allen Morris that donated that park). The boutique sized SLS Lux Hotel (read: small but plenty of fancy stuff) according to renderings sent along by project reps will still have lots of stuff for guests and, if the name is any indicating, will probably be more luxurious too.

Renderings are of an amenity deck that fits a pool and tennis court, an outdoor dining sort of area at said amenity deck, a giant Botero sculpture on the sidewalk with a lobby or restaurant-ish space behind, the obligatory 'flying balcony shot', and the also obligatory 'entire building shot.' Looks like the SLS Lux will be in the Brickell Heights' westernmost building, and also its tallest.

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