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The Last Piece Of Land On The Mouth Of The River Is For Sale

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The wedge of land in front of the Epic Hotel that developer Ugo Colombo had planned for the Epic's second phase, which never happened, is now for sale, including the project's old sales center. They've listed it with a nonexistent price that they're apparently hoping will rise sky high when would-be buyers start fighting over it like rabid dogs.

At 300 Biscayne Boulevard Way, the site may or may not be "the last undeveloped waterfront parcel in Downtown Miami" a claim the making based on what you consider 'undeveloped' and what you consider 'downtown', that tacky over-showmanship doesn't really matter here anyways. This may be the most spectacular piece of undeveloped or under-developed piece of property available in Downtown Miami, and it will probably fetch a price that would save Greece from bankruptcy. It would also make a really nice park.
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