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GreenLink Dominating Power Lines Approved By The Gov

Looks like the GreenLink, that project to build a 'High Line'-esque park along the Metrorail (see renderings, above), will need some MAJOR help from local governments if it hopes to move forward sans imposing "Alzheimer-threatening," gigantor power lines in its way.

Gov. Rick Scott and the Florida Cabinet granted FPL permission to build two new nuclear generators and a whopping 88 miles of transmission lines slicing right through the middle of Miami-Dade County. The project would not begin until 2028 and would cost a total of $24 billion, nuclear reactors included. Local governments including the City of Miami, Coral Gables, and Pinecrest have been challenging the plan for years, fearing the 80- to 150-foot voltage towers would have a negative effect on property values and economic development. Existing towers are between 47 and 72 feet, and local officials have urged FPL to pay for underground power lines that are, of course, more expensive to install and maintain. This is a huge step forward for FPL, but the proposal could still face opposition as local governments prepare to sue that state.—Margina Demmer
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