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Bay Ridge's Gingerbread House; Previewing the 9/11 Museum

Since we could also use a little more Dr. Zizmor in our lives, here's the latest from Curbed NY...

1) Bay Ridge: This Arts and Crafts style Gingerbread House in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn isn't the kind of place you would expect to find in New York City or, well, anywhere. That might explain why, despite the fact that it is adorable, it's had difficulty finding a buyer, and just cut its price to $10.5 million.

2) Fieldston: Famed NYC dermatologist Dr. Jonathan Zizmor doesn't enjoy quite the same cachet outside the city (despite his own Saturday Night Live parody) but it still might interest you to take a look at the ubiquitous doctor's Bronx mansion, which he is having a lot of trouble selling for $4.3 million.

3) Roosevelt Island: Renderings have been released for the residential tower component of Cornell's Roosevelt Island tech campus. Designed by Handel Architects, the tower will be 26 stories tall with a "warm tone of silver and champagne colors."

4) Financial District: The long-awaited National September 11 Memorial Museum opens to the public on Wednesday. The Times calls it "emotionally overwhelming," adding, "Debates over [the museum's] purpose, propriety and protocol are still in the air. At times, they have threatened to derail the project, or delay it indefinitely. But the work inched forward, and the museum that emerged is true to its initial and literally fundamental goal: to tell the Sept. 11 story at ground zero bedrock."
· Curbed NY [ny.curbed]