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Bye Bye Michy's, Hello New Concept; Revolution in Bloom

1) Wynwood: Shikany, Wynwood's newest very eclectic restaurant slash cooking school, has now been open for about two weeks. We caught up with owner Michael Shikany and talked about the first week of service. Here's what he had to say.

2) Unknown: There isn't a whole lot of information on Revolution in Bloom yet, not even a location really, but we do know it's a vegan comfort food restaurant, which sounds pretty exciting. Even more exciting is that the menu doesn't sound half bad (the little bit of it that we saw), especially considering there are items like spicy buffalo wings on it.

3) Upper East Side: Michy's is closing. Yes, it's true. But before you start bawling, know that chef/owner Michelle Bernstein plans to reopen a brand new concept in the same space. Still, if you're feeling nostalgic and can't bear the thought of never eating there again, you don't have to quite yet. Michy's will still be open until June 28.
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