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Where to Buy Swimwear in Miami; Your Guide to Exploring MiMo

Because you don't own enough bikinis already, it's Racked Miami...

1) Everywhere: It's finally time to tie on the swimwear and head out pant-less! We know, we know. What do you mean it's bikini season? It's Miami. It's always bikini season! Ladies and gentlemen, we couldn't agree more, which is all the more reason to round up Miami's 18 best swimwear stores, from North Miami to South.

2) Everywhere: there are no "Get Out of Jail Free" cards when it comes to your hands and feet. Close-toed shoes is an option; gloves are a novelty, not a necessity. The nail care industry is a serious business down here, and we've rounded up a few prime places to show your cuticles some love.

3) Upper East Side: Have you had brunch at Eater approved Taperia Raca yet? If you go, check out our guide to exploring the MiMo district, complete with camels, pole dancing, vintage shopping and the world famous Coppertone girl.

4) South Beach: Have you ever wondered what the staff of Ocean Drive wears to work? They've been our eyes and ears into the world of Miami's elite for decades now, so it's only fitting that the staff reflect this glamour. We barged into their SoFi offices, and this is what we saw.
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