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Crimson Widening 27th Street By 9 Feet, Showing Off Park

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mckafka, the Crimson's developers, are widening 27th street by 9 feet in front of the Crimson to make it more pedestrian friendly, and paying to add alleyways behind 27th Street. Umm, yeah... ok... so, the street, which is also the site of the currently-under-construction Bay House, will now have big wide sidewalks, which is nice. And it'll also have the 'Crimson Connection', which is basically a bit of bay walk bordered by an alley that links the Crimson to Icon Bay and the Icon Bay Park. Will the Crimson Connection be as expansive as the rendering makes it look? Maybe, maybe not. Surely, it's skewed at least a tad for dramatic effect.

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Icon Bay

460 NE 28th St., Miami, FL