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Melo Planning Huge, Probably Rather Blah, Rental Tower On Hipster Bar Street

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A few blocks due west of their recent architectural triumph Melody, Melo Group is expanding their empire of bland rental apartment towers with a 36 story, 650 unit, as-yet-unnamed rental building on a block-long stretch of 14th Street between Miami Court and Miami Place. That's directly across the street from the recently closed nightclub, the Vagabond, that "Black Bar" place that used to be PS14 back in the day, The Station, and maybe a few more places we're not cool enough anymore to know about. Oh, and the site-specific public installation 'Tomorrowland' by artist George Sanchez-Calderon is catty-corner to it too. Curbed Miami used to party it up big time on that street, back in the day.
· Melo Group planning two rental towers in Miami [SFBJ]