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The Eater Young Guns Semi-Finalists; This Month's Hottest Restaurants

Too bad I just ate. Eater Miami...

1) Everywhere: So, the Eater Young Guns semi-finalists are in and three Miami candidates are on the list. A big congrats to J&G Grill's Brad Kilgore, Panther's Camila Ramos and Harry's Pizzeria's Steven Martin.

2) Everywhere: Yeah, we normally don't get into the Salt Month, Lettuce Week, Bread Day thing, but for this year's "National Burger Month," so many great restaurants rolled out special burgers that a little attention was in order. Here you go, the deals or specials actually worth a try.

3) Miami: Seasalt and Pepper is not only super sprinkled with celebs, but also drenched in lawsuits. One partner is suing the other, that same partner is being pushed out of the picture, investors are also being sued and it's overall a big mess. Read about it here.

4) Everywhere: This month's heatmap got a serious update. Lots of new restaurants. Check out where's hot on Eater Miami's May Heatmap.
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