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Gables' Publix Is Latest Grocery Store To Get Tower On Top

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Florida's grocery store empire Publix (which has those subs everyone loves) is dipping its feet in development again by proposing a new store and residential tower to replace a dumpy old store and huuuge parking lot in downtown Coral Gables.

Yep, Downtown Miami has a Whole Foods Tower, and now the Gables is getting a Publix Tower. Of course, Brickell already has one, underneath NINE at Mary Brickell Village, and isn't there residential above that one on Douglas?

The proposed grocery store will replace the current 43,000 square-foot store on LeJeune Road between Valencia Ave. and Andalusia Ave., and will come with an additional 18-story, 282-unit residential tower, as well as a 793-space parking garage (bicycle storage included).

According to Publix's lawyer Javier Fernandez, the proposed project represents "a significant enhancement…consistent with the current trajectory of downtown Coral Gables as an increasingly urban, mixed-use district." Perhaps most importantly, the project will introduce a total of 38,000 square-feet of landscaped open space (apparently 22,000 more than is required for mixed-use projects) including expanded sidewalks and pedestrian amenities.—Margina Demmer
· Publix plans 18 story residential tower [Miami Today]