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Here's The New Bayfront/Museum Park Beckham Stadium Plan

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Here it is people! The press conference for David Beckham's second big stadium unveiling (remember the first?) is happening NOW. We're updating as new info develops.

The plan is to fill in the old FEC railway boat slip and use that as the site of David Beckham's soccer stadium. Check out Curbed archives to catch up. Here's what's new:

1) Apparently it would eat into Museum Park, cutting much of it off from Biscayne Boulevard, but the water-end of the former slip would become parkland, and that park land would continue through Parcel-B, the site behind the AmericanAirlines Arena, all the way to the port bridge.

2) Including Parcel-B and the former slip-bottom, would give the area a net-gain in park land of 20 percent.

3) The plan seems to make the stadium as low-profile as possible, which is nice if you're a condo dweller worried about losing your water view, but still creates a barrier for those on Biscayne Boulevard.

4) They're saying Museum Park is an "incomplete" and thus mediocre park because of all the stuff that was planned for it but canceled and that this is a reason their park would be so much better. Apparently they don't think it's gorgeous as it is like we do.

5) The soccer stadium would be an "amenity of the park". Soccer Little League, or whatever it's called, anyone?

6) The stadium will be max 90 feet high along the road and 60 feet high along the bayfront, far lower than the AmericanAirline Arena. They also claim it will blend into the park, with cafes and commercial "folded in" to the side of the stadium, whatever that means.

7) The stadium will "incorporate greenery into its facade and concourse." Okay, so at least it will look like a park.

8) The stadium will supposedly only host 25 events a year, a figure probably meant to appease those whose worst nightmares consist of being stuck in traffic jams. The other 340 days a year are still up for grabs, people.

9) It will be an "an unparalleled fan experience" and an "iconic home for soccer". Okay, we'll give them that.

10) A big new bay walk would border the park.

11) You can hardly see the stadium in any of the renderings. Really? It's the magical disappearing stadium for 25,000 people.

And that's a wrap.
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Museum Park

1075 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami, Florida