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Benchwarmers, The Sports Bar; How To Get Into Adore

1) Midtown: If you like Wood Tavern, we have a feeling you'll enjoy Benchwarmers. Because they're owned by the same owner, but also because it seems just as hipster-cool and most importantly because they will serve so many fry and fry sauce options that you won't know what to do with yourself. Here's all we know about the new sports bar.

2) Miami Beach: If you think you have to be a six-foot, blonde model wearing an impossibly short dress and I-might-break-my-legs-in-these Louboutains to get into Adore, you're absolutely right- er, wrong. Yes, it helps to be a good-looking lady, or a impeccably-clad, tall man, but the most important thing is to be patient and nice. Trust us, or Chris Waage, the doorman at said club, who told us all these things.

3) Downtown: Ortanique's beloved chef/owner Cindy Hutson is opening not one, but two new concepts. Zest, a large sit-down eatery with an Asian/South American/Caribbean-influenced menu and it's grab-and-go counterpart, Zest Mtk.
· Eater Miami [miami.eater]