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Comment of the day

"Anybody that knows European cities, and knows how they have made their pedestrian zones work under much more difficult circumstances than Ocean Drive, knows that pedestrian only for Ocean Drive is the wave of the future. There are ways to have limited access traffic for taxis, emergency and delivery vehicles even though it would be primarily pedestrian. What will really make it work here is the fact that there is an alley directly behind, which needs to be upgraded for better servicing of the hotels and shops. For the USA perhaps the thinking that pedestrian zones are a thing of the past but for much of the rest of the world they have adopted it in certain special high density touristic areas with great success. If it is thought through carefully and done well, with commitment from all concerned, it will make Ocean Drive ever so much more pleasant and enjoyable for everyone, including the hotels. A one way traffic loop on Ocean and Collins will just make Collins useless for real traffic and bring even more polluting gridlock traffic onto Ocean."—Evji108 [Should Ocean Drive Go Pedestrian Only?]