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Related Doing Big 'Beach Club' At Paraiso Bay Park

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Related has announced a beach club on the site of the bayfront public park planned at their Paraiso Bay megaproject. The beach club, which will feature a restaurant by big time chef Michael Schwartz, will be a shared amenity between the four towers, including the two latest to be announced with celebrity interior designers: Karim Rashid's Paraiso Bayviews and Piero Lissoni's One Paraiso.

According to Carlos Rosso, President of Related, it will be "an exclusive beach club for [Paraiso] Bayviews, One Paraiso, and Paraiso Bay"... "on the bay with a couple of boat slips." Renderings show a two-story club with large terraces, a pool, a marina, and what looks like a large lawn. As for park land, there will be the bay walk, the rest of the Paraiso Bay Park (possibly 30,000 square feet?) , and land in front of the Paraiso Bay and Paraiso Bayview lobbies (20,000?).

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