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The Rise of SHoP; Tiny Foldable Apartment Listed for $469K

All the latest from Curbed NY...

1) All over NYC: SHoP Architects has emerged as the go-to architecture firm for New York City megaprojects, from the Barlcays Center to the Domino redevelopment, to the world's tallest modular building at Atlantic Yards. But how did they rise so quickly? Sara Polsky gets in depth with the architects themselves.

2) Upper West Side: A tiny studio apartment that was specially designed to fold out and reconfigure into four distinct "rooms" has been put on the market for $469,000. The owner has been there since 2005, which speaks well to its livability.

3) Williamsburg: A 145-year-old Catholic church in Williamsburg has been converted into rentals, which just hit the market starting at $4,250/month for a 1.5-bedroom. Highlights include exposed brick in the showers and a Game of Thrones-esque door.

4) Houses of worship: And speaking of church conversions, basically every church, synagogue, etc. has either already been converted to condos/rentals, is in the process of being converted to condos/rentals, or will be sold to a developer by this time next year. We made a big map of all the in-progress ones.
· Curbed NY [ny.curbed]