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"This is the WORST idea I've seen since 2001, which was the first time this 'stadium in the park' idea was floated for the Marlins. Not only should valuable waterfront parkland be preserved for public use (365 days a year, not 25); the location of the stadium setback from Biscayne, but blocking the view of the park from the street violates all kinds of crime prevention through environmental design principles. Forget about views of the water, it is even more important that people can look into the park and see the activity that is going on. A stadium blocking this view will cause Museum Park to return to its past as a haven for drug addicts and the homeless because of poor design passive surveillance is not adequate. Great planning minds have been working on this park for a decade. Please don't ruin it now."—Dakota Shake Hendon [Here's The New Bayfront/Museum Park Beckham Stadium Plan]

Museum Park

1075 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami, Florida