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David Beckham Is Cool With Putting Stadium In Old FEC Slip

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"The preferred sites are the ones on the water" David Beckham said at County Hall, referring to the already preferred site at the port, and the alternative site that he loves almost as much that Mayor Gimenez proposed at the old Florida East Coast Railway Slip on Biscayne Boulevard. Seeing opposition to his port stadium plan, Becks is now open to this other option.

The slip, a long inlet that reaches all the way to Biscayne Boulevard, happens to be the same site Gimenez swore wouldn't be used for Beckham's stadium back in December when he then proposed filling it in for a park. But, you know, that was then and this is now.

Although the slip is wide, it's about half the width of the AA Arena site, if that, and, ummm, hello... soccer stadiums take up more real estate than basketball stadiums. So, wtf? Anywho, if the stadium went there, as part of the deal Gimenez asks that Beckham build a park on the nearby Parcel B site and create a bay walk connecting the two, which sounds nice. Hey, at least they threw park advocates a (small) bone there.
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Museum Park

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