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Students Propose 'GreenLink' Linear Park Under The Metrorail

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Architecture students at the University of Miami revealed conceptual plans for the GreenLink, an idea to convert the M-Path, into a long linear park. Right now it's technically just an access road for the Metrorail, but it could be utilized much more aggressively, and become something akin to the famous High Line in New York. Students redesigned sites along the M-Path, adding amenities, improving walkways, building new structures, adding landscaping and lighting, etc.

While some aspects of the proposals are rather basic, like the typical "add some nice landscape and the people will come!" projects, some of the proposals begin to introduce new programs such as low-rise townhouses and small amenity kiosks. Another proposal includes a set of elevated walkways positioned somewhere between the ground and the Metrorail tracks in Brickell. Plazas are created at a number of the stations. The University of Miami Station also gains a new superstructure. A comprehensive plan is still a long way from completion, but initial ideas about pedestrian and cyclist safety at intersections (check out that bird road night shot) and the creation of real frontage along the park will hopefully lead to a larger conversation about how urban parks can exist, and maybe even thrive, in conjunction with public transport.
—Margina Demmer

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