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Demi Moore Wants $75M for Co-op; Bette Midler's Penthouse

All the latest insanely expensive apartment news from Curbed NY...

1) Upper West Side: Although there's no official listing, and hence no pictures, the general consensus seems to be that actress Demi Moore's co-op in the San Remo is probably not actually going to get the $75 million she's asking for it. Still, that's got to be a pretty great apartment. The Post describes it as a "stunning" triplex, along with a ground-floor two-bedroom."

2) North Brother Island: The small island in the East River between the Bronx and Riker's Island known as North Brother is closed to the general public, but photographer Christopher Payne got permission to explore the abandoned island and take some incredible pictures of the long-deserted quarantine hospital there, now overgrown and shockingly beautiful.

3) Upper East Side: The townhouse used as Holly Golightly's home in the Audrey Hepburn classic Breakfast at Tiffany's is back on the market, asking $10 million. Recent years have not been so kind to the house, whose former owner ended up in jail due to his connection to the Martha Stewart insider trading case.

4) Upper East Side: Bettle Midler recently let Architectural Digest inside her Upper East Side triplex penthouse, and, as it turns out, the place is pretty amazing. Without a doubt, the highlights are the landscaped wraparound terraces, but the interiors aren't too shabby either.
· Curbed NY [ny.curbed]