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UPDATE: A Phantom Sidewalk Could Mean The End Of Prive

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UPDATE: Curbed previously reported that the permit for Prive was denied. It was not. We checked with the city building department, and on the 29th of May a permit for the sidewalk at Island Estates was denied, which is an issue that must be resolved before Prive can be constructed. We regret the error and apologize for any confusion.

Developer Gary Cohen started signing contracts with buyers of Prive, the two tower residential project for an island extending daintily out into the middle of Dumfoundling Bay, showing confidence despite an increasing conflict that could put Prive's very existence in question. According to Coffey Burlington, the legal team representing Island Estates residents, the City denied Prive's request for a permit on May 29, 2014, and the action pending in Miami Circuit Court seeking the Court's review of the matter was stayed for 90 days as of Monday, June 9th.

It all boils down to the residents of the next island over, which connects Prive Island with Williams Island and the Aventura mainland. They claim Cohen promised them he would build single-family homes of on the other island, called Island Estates, when he built it, and are thus irate at the additional traffic and noise which two towers could cause on their quiet residential street, and its sidewalk. Only one sidewalk. Aventura allowed Cohen not to build a second when he promised the city that he would only build houses, and not towers, on that island too, giving him more salable land. Land which the Island Estates residents now fighting Prive bought. And that's the nonexistent sidewalk that seems to be killing Prive.

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