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Architect Proposes Floating Soccer Field For FEC Slip Stadium

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Instead of tearing out the historic FEC boat slip for David Beckham's soccer stadium, we could have both, says Architect Rolando Llanes, AIA, who sent a proposed stadium design to the Curbed Miami inbox. Llanes seems to be channeling the Miami Marine Stadium here, creating an innovative and creative venue with a floating central surface and perimeter grandstands. Of course, there are always logistical hurdles, especially here, but Llanes sums up his purpose quite clearly and surprisingly simply:

In my opinion, the current proposal for the location of the stadium is uninspired and clunky. And the cries of those who have elevated the FEC boat slip to the realm of the Miami Circle is equally weak.

The waterfront as a place for large-scale celebration and individual enjoyment is, however, an important attribute worth enhancing where it is missing and preserving where it exists. And that's the case with the boat slip – a great idea that is not quite "there" yet. More to the point, it tries to address the needs of those for whom the location is vital to the success of the MLS team, as well as those for whom the FEC slip and, more believably, the waterfront is sacred.

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