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Apartment Building To Be Built Around Enriqueta's Sandwich Shop In Midtown

Three developers, namely Encore Housing Opportunity Fund, Adler Development, and the Fifteen Group are developing a luxury apartment building called Midtown 29, at the corner of 29th Street and NE 2nd Avenue, and wrapping (yes wrapping) it around arguably the best god damn Cuban restaurant north of Calle Ocho, Enriqueta's Sandwich Shop (Enriqueta's is really where those big trees at the center of the rendering are).

The building, which is being built on vacant lots and the site of a body shop, but not on the Enriqueta's property at the corner, will have about 300 units, ranging from studios to 3 bedrooms, and ground floor retail (to complement Enriqueta's hopefully). As to why Enriqueta's was spared, perhaps the owners didn't want to sell, or Midtown 29's developers appreciate a good paella when they taste it? And Enriqueta's has some damn good paella.
· Enriqueta's Sandwich Shop [Yelp]

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