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Condo Tower Coming To North Bay Village's Old Crab Shack

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On the north side of the 79th Street Causeway, at the site of a shuttered Crab Shack restaurant, and quite close to Shuckers, which used to be a neighborhood fave until that dock incident happened (has it reopened yet?), North Bay Village pols have given tentative approval for a 22 story tower called, very imaginatively, 1555 Kennedy Causeway. Maybe it's a working title. The building will have 127 residential units, as well as offices, shops, and restaurants, which could be kind of nice to walk to from Shuckers if they ever replace that damn dock.

Oh, apparently the developers, North Bay Causeway LLC, also recently got approval for a 24 story hotel condominium 'blocks away'. Added to the towers that already exist in the little island city... well, that should make the drive to Miami Beach even more dramatic.
· North Bay Village tentatively approves condo building [Miami Herald]