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Marriott At Miami Worldcenter Gets Big Design Update

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Along with a submittal to enlarge the Miami Worldcenter special zoning 'atlas' (by which we assume they mean 'area') to include the Marriott At Miami Worldcenter megahotel and convention center on the former Grand Central Park site, developer MDM Group included plans for the new hotel, according to exMiami. And here they are. The form of the structure has been changed from rectangular with tentacle-like things swooping out to semi-circular with a hole in the middle, and is 'subject to change' again, since they aren't actually seeking approval for the building's design yet, just for zoning to allow the building, or something.

The current design kind of looks like a samurai sliced up a giant glassy version of the Fontainebleau. It has a large Atlantis-esque hole in the middle, and three levels of convention space below the hotel, containing exhibition areas, a ballroom, and a junior ballroom, all of which can be subdivided every which way. Oh, and there's a lecture hall. Then the hotel begins, with lobby and large outdoor pool deck areas, and 2000 rooms above.

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Grand Central Park

700 North Miami Ave, Miami, FL 33132