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Watch Gulfstream Park's Giant Pegasus Statue Go Up, Live!

Gulfstream Park has made quite a bit of progress on its crazy giant pegasus-killing-a-dragon statue and water feature since April, when the statue's base, which is approximately where Pegasus' ass is located, was the only thing there. Now, in addition to the ass, there's a whole lot more scaffolding and steal framing going on that will be some other as-yet-undistinguishable part of pegasus and/or the dragon. The whole thing can be watched via two webcams from Gulstream's website, right over here, and here is what it will look like once it's finished.

In other news, the first condo tower to be built in the Village of Gulfstream Park just got Hallandale Beach city commission approval yesterday. The 21 story Gulfstream Park Tower is going just to the south of Pegasus... so that's fun to wake up to every morning, no?
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Gulfstream Park

901 S Federal Highway, Hallandale Beach, Florida