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"First, there can be no joint venture with UM [for Miami Beckham United] because UM has a 20 year contract with SunLife that Mr. Ross has already said he will not let them out of. Second, if Mr. Ross let them out of the contract, Tropical Park would be a NO GO because FIU has the right to nix any UM stadium that a encroaches on a certain distance from their campus and stadium and Donna Shalala has already said that they tried that before and FIU will not allow them to build at Tropical Park. Third, MLS has a requirement that they play in a soccer specific stadium with a capacity between 20,000 and 30,000 and be located in a downtown urban center. Therefore all these wonderful suggestions don't mean anything unless they take all of that into consideration. That is why Commissioner Xavier Suarez is just posturing and thinks the citizens of Miami Dade County are not very smart and will believe him when he makes ridiculous proposals."—nativemiamian [Soccer Stadium Shouldn't Go Next To Marlin's Park; More!]

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