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Really Hot Condos To Replace Rather Plain Historic Building On Ocean Drive

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It's always a little sad to see an historic building be demolished, no matter how plain the building may be or how architecturally distinctive its replacement is (although one wonders how they're getting away with it in an historic district). The small art deco apartment building at 304 Ocean Drive, however, is plain, although it is well proportioned, and according to renderings dropped on exMiami its Luis Revuelta-designed replacement is a knockout.

Renderings of the five unit condo building (those are five big units mind you) show basically a white skeleton-like structure supporting glass walls, but the skeleton is designed very artistically. It replicates the form of the historic building as if drawing the building's outline out of thin air, or 'ghosting' it, then adds more building next to it in the same manner, but instead of drawing an art deco structure, the structure draws something modern and geometric. Hopefully as the design develops (it hasn't even been approved by the city yet, and could totally change) it'll live up to the principal that a new building should always be better than the one its replacing.
· Five Unit Condo Proposed on Ocean Drive [exMiami]