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Party Hopping For Million Dollar Listing Miami's Premiere

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We like parties. Invite us to yours!

Not too much delicious drama ensued last night as Million Dollar Listing Miami, Miami's new real estate reality TV show, aired its season premier episode and members of the cast held two separate watch parties to celebrate. The indisputable stars of the episode were Chris Leavitt's bare ass, Chad Carroll's delicious abs, and Samantha DeBianchi's uneven suntan. Girl had a nice glow except around her eyes. It was the first episode, which was mostly about introducing the characters than getting into any major reality TV drama, and there were more one-liners, zingers, and sound bytes than anyone could roll their eyes at.

When asked why they were having two separate parties, making a certain blog editor schlepp all over the city and get all sweaty and sticky, Chris said "Sam didn't invite us", Sam said "Well, why should I invite them?" Sam's party was held at a bar called Haven, on the quiet end of Lincoln Road, where waiters came around with deviled eggs and other yummy stuff, and drinks on the menu included 'The Bitch', a word it seems that Sam has proudly appropriated, and 'The Hustler'. Sam endlessly posed in a tight dress in front of one of those tarps with logos on it making sure to get a photo with everyone who came in.

Over at Soho Beach House, Chad and Chris rented out the library, a room with woefully few books up on the eighth floor, for an intimate, very un-self-promotional screening with some friends. Curbed got a quick, accidental glimpse of the check at the end of the night. It wasn't cheap. Instead of waiters and eggs, there was a pile of giant, hardly touched, pizzas, and a fully stocked bar with a cute waiter. And the champagne just kept coming. Unlike Sam's professionally planned ho-down, it was a much, much more casual affair, (so much so that the woman at the door downstairs must have had an old version of the list and we had to call up) but tons of fun. Maybe even more fun.
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