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NYC's First Fully Modular Building; Lindsay Lohan House Hunts

Just in case you ever need to know where Lindsay Lohan might live, the latest from Curbed NY...

[Photo by Will Femia]

1) Inwood: We got inside The Stack, New York City's first building made entirely of prefabricated modular units, to take a whole slew of photos. The entire building was constructed over the course of 10 months, which is undeniably impressive. How attractive the apartments may or may not be is up for debate, however.

2) Downtown Brooklyn: There is, quite simply, a massive amount of new residential development going up in Downtown Brooklyn. More than 6,500 residential units have been built since 2005, with another 9,000 or so expected by 2018. A group advocating for more schools made a map that visualizes the development boom, and the whole thing is pretty striking when you actually see it laid out like that.

3) Noho: Starchitect Annabelle Selldorf's 10 Bond Street isn't built yet, but its sales office is, and it's very impressive, including undulating hand-cast terra-cotta steel panels, mahogany, and more. The boutique development will have only 11 units, four of which are already in contract.

4) West Village: According to the Post, Lindsay Lohan was spotted looking at a three-story townhouse in the West Village's landmarked district, which is on the market for a hair under $7 million. Yeah, let's let Lindsay Lohan own a landmarked townhouse. What's the worst that could happen?
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