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Here Are The Proposed Plans For Miami's New Train Station

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As All Aboard Florida gears up to begin construction sometime this year (maybe sooner?) more details of the proposed design for the Downtown Miami train station (a terminal really) have come to light; details which a Dade County board is set to review July 17th, including some very detailed floor plans of the station and renderings of the interior spaces..

The station itself will be four levels, with various lobbies, retail areas, cross streets, parking access, and utilities on the ground level, a small mezzanine and parking on the second, retail, parking, and an All Aboard Florida passenger lounge on the third (this serving as the concourse level) and four rail platforms on the forth, two each for Tri-Rail and All Aboard Florida. All Aboard's lobbies and platforms will be larger, befitting the lost glamour of intercity rail. Take that Amtrak. The entire structure will sweep off towards the elevated viaducts on which the trains will enter and leave the station, providing a very grand entrance into Miami.

Elevator cores will extend up to the towers above the platforms. The current Metromover station will above NE 1st Avenue will nestle in the folds of the AAF station's skirt, while the Metromover sweeps under the station, and the Metrorail tracks pass by, at approximately the same level as the AAF tracks. One notable absence is the network of pedestrian bridges that will likely connect the station to AAF's Overtown project as well as Miami Worldcenter. But then again, the latest plans for the Worldcenter convention center didn't include them either. So, maybe that's not happening. Curious, very curious.
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Future Fec Downtown Miami Station

200 NW 1st Avenue, Miami, Florida