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$1.4M Coral Rock Castle Comes With Its Own 15 Acre Kingdom

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Giving Charles Sieger's Redlands castle a real run for its money, is another castle out in the agricultural hinterlands of South Florida. This time it's a 5,635 square foot 'historically designated' 'fixer-upper' of an abandoned castle made out of local coral rock, complete with turret and battlements and its own 15 acre kingdom. The whole package is on the market for $1.4 million. The exterior of the castle looks pretty bad, but manageable, but it's the inside that's an absolute, unfathomable wreck.

The land, two thirds of which is currently covered with palm trees, already has another 800 square foot house built on it "in excellent condition", and is being marketed for its development potential (6 houses per acre!). It also comes with a workshop/barn with office and bathroom. Although the listing gives precisely no details as to the extent of the castle's historic designation (Can it be demolished? Can't it?), it was built in 1932, and we're getting the distinct impression that it's protected from demolition in some way. Basically, in order to do anything with all that acreage you'll probably have to deal with the castle too. It could be quite pretty of course when it's all done and restored. But getting there, well, good luck with that.
· 31500 SW 187th Avenue, Homestead [Trulia]
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