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Uber Sticking It To The Man, Launching UberX In Miami At Noon

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UPDATE: UberX Miami has launched!

After months of fighting Miami's taxi cartel, Uber has decided to follow the lead of Lyft and go rogue in Miami, launching their "entry level" service UberX at noon, according to the Miami Herald. UberX is just like Lyft, and together they're part of a new era of mobility in Miami. Hopefully.

As an introductory promo, UberX is offering free rides until June 20th. So, Curbed immediately signed up of course, and downloaded the app, which quixotically doesn't give any hint about coming to Miami. Maybe they're in stealth mode to avoid the ire of taxicab medallion owners everywhere? Could it all be some elaborate practical joke? Anywho, Miami will have Uber in T minus 40 minutes and counting!
· Car ride services UberX and Lyft to compete in Miami [Miami Herald]
· UberX will launch in Miami today, defying Miami-Dade's taxi laws [Miami New Times]