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Gloria & Emilio Estefan Building Party Tower Near The Arsht

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The broad press coverage last week that latin music King & Queen Gloria and Emilio Estefan are closing their Bongo's Cuban Cafe at the AmericanAirlines Arena was, surprisingly eclipsed Estefan news perhaps equally as big, if not bigger: their opening a new restaurant. Oh, and it's going to be in a skyscraper that the Estefans are building too, on land they own a few blocks north west of the Arsht Center. It doesn't have a name yet, so for now we'll call it Estefan Tower.

The tower will have the new restaurant, called Estefan Kitchen, along with a parking garage, a hotel, banquet halls, and a rooftop swimming pool. A rendering show a tapering, slightly 1111-esque tower, almost half of which is a parking garage and the other half super-glassy with floor plates that have that contemporary shifty look. The whole shindig is in the permitting stage now, and "we're looking into the zoning issue to see how many floors we can build" says Emilio.
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