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Built In 1907, This Is The Oldest House On The Market Now

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After seeing the Curbed list of the ten oldest homes on the market in South Florida now, a reader writes in to say that the oldest house on the market is not the 1910 pioneer home in El Portal which topped that list, but is actually a house built in 1907 in the Redlands, called the Charles Graham House. Although the listing itself dates the Graham house to 1923, the Miami-Dade County historical designation report for the house says thus:

Charles Hill's homestead claim was settled in 1903 and signed by Theodore Roosevelt. In 1904 Charles Graham bought five acres from Charles W. Hill. Three years later he married Emma Lindgren and built a large home for his bride. The completely restored house is listed for $540,000, is a roomy 4,536 square feet (Mr. Graham built his bride a large house!), has five bedrooms, four baths, and comes on 1.16 acres of land.
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Anybody else have a challenger to the 'oldest house on the market' category? Send 'em over.