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Here Are More Details Of Fort Lauderdale's New Train Station

At a press conference on Monday, All Aboard Florida revealed the design of their new Fort Lauderdale train station, which is very much aesthetically in keeping with their Miami station design, just a whole lot smaller. The station and platform will be 60,000 square feet total, and will include retail, an elevated passenger lounge connecting to the platform, and (groan) plenty of surface parking.

Despite the large parking lot of the west side of the station, it will actually form a part of Fort Lauderdale's main transit hub. The central bus depot is already there, but with the addition of All Aboard Florida, and the Wave Streetcar system, as well as Tri-Rail on the All Aboard Florida tracks, and maybe even the East Coast Greenway (which is supposed to be following the Florida East Coast Railway/All Aboard Florida tracks) we're talking a major nexus of transportation modes in Broward County.
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