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A Look Into Eater's The Five Days of Meat

Vegetarians did not have such a good week, over at Eater Miami...

1) Multiple Locations: We started off The Five Days of Meat, a protein-rich, meat-centric, carnivorous week packed with incredibly drool-inducing content, with an epic map of Miami's 33 most iconic meat dishes. Think chicharron at El Palacio de Los jugos, The Jewban at Josh's Deli, Macaluso's meatballs, vaca frita at Molina's and SO many more. This way, to the map of your meaty dreams.

2) Miami Shores: We caught up with Miami's only artisan sausage makers (a hubby wife duo who launched their shop a couple of years ago) and asked them a whole bunch of questions about their meats, their process and their overall philosophy at Proper Sausages. Salivate over it this way.

3) Multiple Locations: Outrageous, over-the-top, very weird, crazy and plain extreme meat dishes, all around Miami. Have you tried any?
· Eater Miami [miami.eater]