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Curbed Miami's First-Ever Outdoors Week Begins Right Now!

Hear ye, hear ye: right this second marks the commencement of Curbed Miami's first-ever Outdoors Week, a five-day tribute to the outdoor spaces and places of Miami. And that's with, of course, the fully-understood irony that those spaces are presently at their very worst. It's the Summer, which everywhere else means barbecues and spit balls, summer camp, and summer flings, but here means air-conditioning and hurricanes. Or a shimmy up a coconut tree and exotic tropical invasions (both political and zoological). Want glorious weather? Come back in six months, but until then welcome to Miami at its zaniest, baby.

From sitting under a misting fan, and a hat, and an awning, to where the 'Great Outdoors' can be best appreciated, well, indoors, we'll get back to nature while still avoiding a heat stroke. We'll head to the beach, survey the hotel pool scene, and commence a hunt for air-conditioned everything. From the most palm tree-festooned and infinity-pooled back yards, to buildings with the most elaborate amenity decks, beautiful residential green spaces will showcased. Park architecture will be rewarded, the city's best dog parks will be determined, and we'll even have an ode to wonderful summer trees like the flame-red Royal Poinciana, and of course the insanely delicious Mango, whose fruit is now rotting on your sidewalk because that tree produces too much too fast. And then stops. So, grab a frozen mango margarita and head inside. This will be fun.
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