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Undead Tower 'Max Miami' Loses Cool Name, Now Just 'Canvas'

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Back in the real estate boom of the aughts, the project at 1630 NW 1st Avenue was slated to be a mixed-use tower, with residential, hotel, retail, and artist's studios, with a name that meant pure action: Max Miami. There wasn't enough literal action though, and the still-nonexistant building went to a foreclosure auction. Now the winning bidder, NR Investments, has officially restarted the project as a purely residential tower, with a tad of ground floor retail, and an equally less expressive name: Canvas. (perhaps obliquely referring the Wynwood art scene, which it is on the fringes of, and maybe the 'blank canvas' look of some of the surrounding 'hood. The 37 story tower will have 513 condos , according to renderings via BuzzBuzzHome, in a big white block of a building that is... well... blah.

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