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Some of the Best Backyards for Sale Across Miami

And now, we present some of South Florida's most fantastic listings with green space attached, from Miami Beach waterfront highballers, to a classic family house yard, and finally the cozy, luxurious, and very private confines of a Coconut Grove classic.

With a freeform pool, big huge terraces overlooking the bay, and a columned roofless gazebo thingy by the seawall, 4424 N. Bay Road comes with quite the back yard for $9.15 million.

On Dilido Island in the middle of glorious Biscayne Bay, check out the back yard at 815 East Dilido Drive, for $12.9M.

Although not loaded up with unnecessary divertissement crap like naked statues, elaborate landscaping, or reflecting pools, the backyard at 3801 Harlano Street is the absolutely effing idyllic family house backyard. It has a rolling green lawn, sparkling pool, and a back terrace under a pergola just perfect for barbecuing. The house is listed for $1.349 million.

How about the Biltmore Hotel for a back yard? 3305 Alhambra Circle has a great view of the hotel's tower across the rolling Biltmore Golf Course. In addition to that, there's a pool with a colonnade sort of thing, and the house itself has an awesome looking tower.

The backyard at 3467 Moorings Way in Coconut Grove is a walled, intensely-lush oasis overlooking an inlet that looks straight out to Biscayne Bay. Centered around a restored 1929 Walter DeGarmo house, the yard has a pool, hot tub, courtyard, reflecting pool, and some huge oaks, swaddling the whole place in deep green. It's on the market for $8.95 million.

· 4424 N. Bay Road, Miami Beach [Zillow]
· 815 East Dilido Drive, Miami Beach [Zillow]
· 3801 Harlano Street, Coral Gables [Zillow]
· 3305 Alhambra Circle, Coral Gables [Zillow]
· 3467 Moorings Way, Coconut Grove [Zillow]