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'Old Miami Brothel', Now a Dumpy Office, Sells For $421K

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This rather rough and tumble little office building on Coral Way just sold for $421,000 recently, which would have gone rather unnoticed most likely, had the realtors, a one Mr. Timothy Merriman Jr. and another Jeremy Larkin, both of NAI Miami, not been made privy to some rather salacious information, which was immediately sent over to Curbed. Take from it what you will:

Jeremy Larkin stated, "As told by one of the office building's owners, when they purchased the building, it was purportedly previously been run as a brothel, rumored to be the first one in operation in old time Miami. While the owner was never able to formally confirm this urban legend, he was able to obtain corroboration from a former worker at the property." · NAI Miami [NAI]