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Champ Floyd Mayweather Lists Sunny Isles Condo For $2.6M

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Super-big deal boxing champ Floyd Mayweather has listed his Sunny Isles Beach vacation condo, which he uses for two weeks a year, for $2.6 million. He's leaving the 3,000 square foot, penthouse floor unit and looking to replace it with a roomier vacation house, reports GossipExtra, possibly in Miami Beach or Coral Gables. And he'll make a handsome profit in the process, bringing home perhaps a 60 or 70% more than what he paid for it IN 2010. ($1.5 million, FYI)

With an interior design by Steven G., the unit comes fully furnished, probably because Mayweatherg doesn't want to schlep all that crap with him to a new house somewhere around South Florida that he hasn't even bought yet. "He wants to leave condo life for a house" says his realtor. "His four children are getting older. They are now twelve to fifteen years old, so he wants them to be able to run around." And yes, he'll probably only use his new homestead for two weeks a year too.

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