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Alert! Curbed Miami is on the Hunt for New Contributors

Love writing about real estate? Have a penchant for all things Miami, and the city's urban renaissance? Do you check Curbed Miami twice a day because—let's be honest—you're a little obsessive? (Hey, we are, too.) Good, because Curbed Miami is growing and we're looking for part-time freelance writers. We're in the market for writers savvy with real estate, market fluctuations, and researching the nitty gritty in South Florida who know a thing or two about what they're talking about. And you can work from anywhere as long as you keep your ear to the ground for good intel.

Interested? No need to dust off the resume. Just send an email to with a paragraph about yourself, a paragraph about why you'd like the job, and anything else you think would grab our interest (past writing experience, perhaps?). If we're into it, we'll respond quickly with more details. (If you're employed in the real estate industry, alas, we can't use you. But we still love you.) Thank you!