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Infomercial Queen Poonam Khubani Lists Her Double Penthouse at The W For $19.9M

Now that the record breaking unit her husband recently purchased at the new Marriott Edition is nearing completion, Poonam Khubani, vice president of Telebrands, the 'As Seen On TV' infomercial giant, as well as the wife of Telebrand's President and CEO Ajit Khubani, has listed her double penthouse unit at the W Hotel (a combination of units 1926 and 1928) for a whopping $19.9 million.

The sale might not trump the Khubani's new digs up the beach, but the four bedroom, five bath spread has leather walls, liquid nitrogen privacy glass in the master bedroom, crocodile textured doors, Calcutta marble, twelve foot ceilings, and a home automation system controllable from an iPhone. And, in case you were wondering, the units can be purchased together or separately.

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