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Gale Suites at the Kaskades Gets Daring Addition

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We have't checked in on construction at Menin Hotels' expansion of the Gale South Beach, dubbed the Gale Suites at the Kaskades, since, well, ever. So, the appearance of an additional story on top of the historic Kaskades structure was a surprising site indeed. The form of the addition appears to be provocative and contemporary, perhaps even more provocative than the original rooftop addition which was added to the Gale itself across the street, and which Curbed has had so much to say about.

At first Curbed Miami made no secret of our surprise over the scale of that original addition, saying in shock "picture a full-size cruise ship pool deck lying on top of two art deco masterpieces", but we were won over by the final product, and this urban hotel's "riviera-sized roof deck." So, perhaps we'll hold our tongues and give it a chance. In the meantime, anybody have any renderings they can shoot over?
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Gale South Beach

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