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More Details Revealed About Chetrit's Miami River Megaproject

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In a presentation to some random board (the subcommittee of the Miami River Commission to be precise) the Chetrit Group presented the latest plans for their Miami River megaproject, which in a burst of creativity they have called Miami Riverwalk. The project will include four 60 story towers, each of which will be constructed in a different phase, as well as the Riverwalk promenade itself, which will adhere to the provisions of the Miami River Greenway, and will be phase 3.

The whole kitten caboodle, which will have its own zoning as part of a Special Area Plan, will include a whopping 1,760 condominium units, and 256 hotel rooms, retail, offices, a riverfront restaurant, dedicated green space (yay!), and a small marina. The architect is Kobi Karp, who frankly gets enough work in this town, and the traffic engineer/ landscape architect is Kimley Horn, even though the project is displacing the waterfront office of that other landscape architect, Raymond Jungles, which is kind of rude. It's like the least they could do would be to hire him for the job, right?
· Four 60-story towers on river advance [Miami Today]