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Tracking 350 Years of Changing Brooklyn Boundaries

Here's all the latest real estate news from New York City, home of the "poor door"...

1) Soho: Long-stalled condo development 15 Renwick is making a comeback, under new ownership. The building has a brand new design, and, more interestingly, a brand new marketing campaign that features four semi-Victorian-era characters inserted unsubtly into the renderings. It's pretty weird, but kind of cool.

2) Brooklyn: "Blurred Lines" columnist Keith Williams explores how Brooklyn boundaries have changed over the last three and a half centuries, by examining a series of maps dating back to 1664. The whole thing is fascinating. (And there's a GIF at the end, if you want to watch 350 years worth of boundary changes take place over the course of a few seconds.) (You do.)

3) New York City: With all the news of hyper-expensive New York apartments, it may seem like it would be impossible to get a place for under $1 million that still had outdoor space. But, as this roundup proves, that's not the case.

4) Midtown: Upon its completion, 432 Park Avenue will be the tallest building in the western hemisphere. As it stands right now, it's already very, very tall. It just passed 1,000 feet high (it will eventually stop at 1,397) and if you can't even imagine how tall this is, we've got the photos to illustrate it.
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