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Lincoln Rd's Crazy Raw Penthouse Comes With Big Vacay

Well, folks, the top two floors and roof (plus options to purchase naming rights!) of 605 Lincoln Road are still on the market, listed by local-reality-tv-mini-celeb-realtor Chad Carroll (Full disclosure: Chad's office helped Curbed Miami's Editor find an apartment. No unfair advantage was received, unfortunately), and still at the $24 million price it's been at since earlier this year. Last year it was with another broker for $29 million, and as we all know, nothing happened with that. Anywho, the 28,000 square foot hollow shell of a space (which has some cool new colored pencil renderings) comes with 14 foot ceilings, cool views over the low-lying heart of South Beach, and more recently to sweeten the pot, a "billionaire's weekend getaway" valued at $1.5 million. Basically that includes a private jet ride to a private island, with time on a yacht and a "celebrity concert" for you and your friends. One assumes you get to pick which celebrity, because not everyone likes Justin Bieber.

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