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Walmart, Now Zoo Theme Park Could Threaten Rare Forest

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The billion dollar amusement park long planned for the land around Zoo Miami could threaten South Florida's pine rocklands—the most biologically diverse habitat in all of South Florida—even more than the Walmart and suburban house tract planned next door, which sounds like the most obvious thing in the world. And the irony of destroying a natural habitat for a park glorifying natural habitats also seems like it would be stupendously obvious. But it wasn't. (Hey, Animal Kingdom did it.)

A 100 acre amusement park as well as a sports complex, and a 16 acre attraction called 'Adventure Beach', a hotel, a conference center, and a highway exit ramp, are planned to be built by 20th Century Fox on the site, and although in this case the development is supposed to happen mainly on a former blimp base, attempting to preserve most of the last bits of surrounding virgin land (the highway offramp would slice through some of it), environmentalists are looking at it and thinking "yeah, right."
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Zoo Miami

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